To launch a keynote speaker, talking to a 500-strong audience around the topics of mental toughness and leadership success. Each year Wagamama’s hold an annual internal conference where they look to inspire and motivate employees. BEYOND has a strong client relationship and was tasked with finding someone who could do that in an interesting way. Many sporting options were discussed but the most interesting was Jason Fox, former Royal Marine Commando, ex. SBS and private armed services.

He undertook an hour-long talk, drawing on his success in his career and how that can be translated into the business and consumer worlds.


BEYOND’S direct relationship with Jason Fox as an old friend of one of the Managing Partners meant that the rate he was secured at was very cost effective. Furthermore, he stayed for 3.5 hours and was meant to only do 1 hour to engage with the audience and take photos etc. He also travelled to Liverpool at no charge.