Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing pillars of the marketing mix. However, as it becomes ever more popular and the parties involved increasingly savvy, there is a need to evolve and adapt the approach to ensure the partnerships are authentic and truly deliver.

Beyond not only uses extensive insight to inform our selection of influencers, but also seeks to push the boundaries on the strategies applied, the technology used and – most importantly – the measurement and evaluation methods. Starting with the business objectives, we adapt our approach to suit the need. With briefs being as diverse as the talent influencers available, our connectivity is vital in leveraging effective influencers who can support campaigns successfully.

Be it a local advertising spot or a global, 360 integrated campaign, Beyond’s extensive experience and connectivity means we can leverage our buying power to deliver maximum service output.

Beyond’s impartiality allows us to negotiate hard, ensuring maximum ROI on every deal. Acting as a seamless partner to brand teams, Beyond’s approach to collaboration frees clients from the minutiae of talent negotiation and logistics, allowing them to focus on creating great campaigns.



Talent are looking for authentic campaigns in line with their own brand equity. Brands require credible talent with not just reach but also genuine brand affinity, helping them truly connect with target audiences.

BEYOND acts as bridge between the two, working hard to achieve successful partnerships for both brands and talent. With a background in PR, Beyond understands the components required to achieve successfully integrated campaigns. Beyond operates as a sounding board for clients, ensuring that the talent negotiation process doesn’t lose the very elements required to achieve the campaign goals. Beyond believes that success is not about securing a talent
at any cost.


Cause and purpose marketing can reach new audiences through talent partnerships. Beyond works with clients to go beyond the superficial and construct meaningful partnerships between talent, brands and causes that not only create noise, but also maximise impact and bring about genuine social change.

Utilising relationships to unearth the passions and interests close to the heart of talent, Beyond ‘match-makes’ the right talent with the right partners. This approach takes both parties beyond the contract and into shared values, driving an authentic voice for each specific cause.

BEYOND believes that it’s important for talent to harness aligned, deeper partnerships with charities close to their hearts that they have a personal affinity towards. Being such a personal space, the credibility of the association is paramount, Beyond understands the synergies between talent and charitable partner.

Charitable work is not about negotiation of commercial services. The authentic association between talent and charity partner is key, as we have demonstrated. The output and growth should be organic, proportionate to the talent’s genuine passion for the issue – that is where success lies.



BEYOND has strong credentials in diligently procuring talent for private bookings, personal appearances and supporting launch moments that drive editorial engagement and awareness for brands and venues.

Beyond manages this entire process from selection to outreach, contracting and management on the ground to maximise content delivery.